Word from the Chair


February 18, 2023


I want to say thank you to our devoted members that have hung in there for the last several years.  It seems like one thing after another has affected how we do business.  We have had several new Board members and committee members that have stuck with the VSRT over some trying years and we appreciate them.  We look towards new members and concerned individuals that can give us fresh ideas which will keep us current and provide meaningful representation to the Medical Imaging Technologists and Radiation therapists of Virginia.

We’ve heard from many of our members that our meetings have been really good.  However, we have also heard that navigating our website and membership registration has been difficult.  As we have tried to grow and change how we operate, we have run into some difficulties linking our old and new platforms which has been challenging to fix.  As we work towards solutions and a better, more engaging site, our hope is we will provide new information that technologists can use to keep current!

We have a learning platform (Moodle) that we hope will provide members a community’s page and learning opportunities as we move into the future.  We also have a membership platform that will allow members to be able to control the information they need including membership cards, updates and renewal’s with reminders that will assist in staying active.  It will also allow the Board and committees to operate more consistently and with greater ease in performing their duties.

We need help from you!  We want to hear from old and new members including students about what interests they have and what talents they may possess such as marketing, website familiarity and being detain oriented, which we can use you to help build the VSRT into a new and robust society and community.  Please let us know if you can help.  You can call me at 703-217-1533.  I would love to hear from you and talk to you about ways we can keep our society relevant. 

Remember, in these days where government and businesses are looking for ways to cut down on expenses, making jobs easier to quality for and giving employers a larger market (all good things) may result in an unsafe situation.  Imaging Technologists and Radiation Therapists are qualified through certified education practice.  Patient safety and job encroachment may occur and are occurring throughout the United States.  This is the reason VSRT exists to serve its membership and our patients by supporting appropriate, safe patient care and the professional growth through educational effectiveness and advocacy.

Thank you,





The Legislative area is to represent current advocacy issues, laws, or other legal affairs pertaining to the state of Virginia or that are relevant to the RT profession in conjunction with the ASRT.